Unpublished Projects

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A hidden treasure is awaiting you! 


Je Suis un Peu de Sucre by Emilie Fretay & Carl Demaille 

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Short film directed for the Nikon Film Festival France 2018. This festival is organized every year for filmmakers to direct a 2mn long film about the specified theme. 2018's theme was : Sharing. 

Odyssian Blaze by Marc Sisinni & Kenny Marchetta Manir 

Marc, Kenny and I have been friends since elementary school, and despite my moving to Turkey in middle school  we never lost touch. A year ago, Marc and I started working on my logo and website, when one day he told me about this video game project that he'd been working on with Kenny, and asked me if I'd be interested in scoring its music. I loved playing video games but I'd never thought about scoring for them, and didn't even know how to. Despite this, I accepted to give it a try and told them if they didn't like the examples I'd sent, I would help them find another composer. Everything turned out to be fine, they loved my demos and definitely wanted to work with me. I'd say the most challenging part was the instrumentation, because finding the right instruments was the key to creating the right feelings, the universe and most of all, build the game's identity. And oh, I definitely need to work on that epic battle music more! This project helped me get out of my comfort zone, experiment and discover there were other aspects of scoring that I liked. Hopefully, I'll be able to find other video game music projects!

L'Oiseau by Lisa Hurel 


Lisa and I were in the same class of Film Studies for about two years at the University of Paris Diderot - Paris VII. After both of us moving around and going to different schools, we reconnected in 2016 when she reached out to me, telling me about this first film she's directing and that she'd like me to compose its score. I immediately wanted to be on the project, the story was strong, beautiful and it had been a while since I'd had the opportunity to work on a movie. 2016 was also the year that I'd officially decided I wanted to make music for the screen, either films or TV shows, and so, this project presented itself at the perfect moment. 


Table Rase, 

Network Black and White, 

The Maze

By Thomas Keumurian. 


2014 still wasn't a year where I had completely made up my mind about which career path to choose. Despite the fun and great experience I'd had working on David's short drama Fields of Clover (movie below), I was still more dedicated to my Film Studies, research and thesis rather than composing for film. Music had always been a part of my life, and would always be no matter what I decided to do, and of course, I was still composing on the side (see my Solo Work page), but that too was going slow. And so, music-wise this year was mostly dedicated to arranging my friend Thomas' music. He had directed these two amazing short films and was working on a third one, he had briefly composed his scores but needed a pianist and musician to play, record and arrange it. I am always looking for new projects where I can learn new things and put into action new skills. This was the perfect opportunity. 


Le Gout des Rêves by Jade Debeugny 

Fields of Clover by David Nicholson. 


This was the first short film I worked on as a composer. David had listened to my music, and liked it. He reached out and decided to give me this huge opportunity, and his trust on this project, before which, I had zero professional experience.  It was an overall amazing experience: first time composing for a film and working long distance. Through emails and facebook messages, David guided me all the way. Working long distance had never been easier, and still is something I don't consider a barrier when I meet international directors. 

Je Suis Partie (I am Gone) by Jeanne-Peri Foucault

I directed this two minute short movie for the 4th edition of the Nikon Film Festival. At the time, I wanted to be a director, and this was the perfect opportunity for me to direct something outside of school, in an environment that inspired me even more. Of course, I would also compose its music. The best part about this small production was that we were a crew of 3 people with 2 actors, and one day of filming, and we all took care of everything, with no budget, but with so much enthusiasm and motivation. In the end, the film got nominated in the "School Prize" category, which was amazing news. My first film was already liked by an impressive jury.